3 effective manifesting tools to manifesting now

3 Manifesting tools | Use this to Manifest Now

It’s a brand new year and this is typically  the time, where everyone sets their big goals and dreams. But instead of just the same old  motivation and tips that everybody shares over and over again, I want to share with you some really powerful manifesting tools.
That will actually get you real results. Not the kind of results that  will just fizzle out throughout the year. These  will create lasting proven clear results.
When  you use these Manifesting tools this will be the year that  everything finally begins to click for you. I  don’t say that lightly. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now happy new year and welcome  back.
But you know that what I teach works and if  you’re new here, just know that I am obsessed with  giving you techniques and tools that work. That really make the difference and get you the results  that you’ve been looking for.
So if you are ready  to raise your standards and turn your wish list  into reality, let’s get into.
Hello and welcome back to my blog your spiritual life secret and if you’re new here I’m a mindset coach and manifesting expert focused on getting transformational results. My whole blog is all about manifesting, the law  of attraction with meditations and more.
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Really quickly if you are ready to manifest with  ease and have the most abundant year yet make that commitment now. Because everything that you want is simply a decision and a commitment away.

Manifesting meditation

The first manifesting tool  that I want to share with you is something that works extremely quickly. Like within 15 minutes  and that is this new manifesting meditation that i just shared the other week. If you haven’t  done it yet or you haven’t tried it yet try it.
And you really truly simply have to try this for yourself. I can say without a doubt that this meditation  is unlike any meditation that you’ve experienced before. It uses specific vibrational frequencies,  affirmations and a visualization that I can also guarantee that you’ve never gone through before.
You will have a new level of clarity and certainty and precision after going to this meditation. Even if you aren’t a person who likes to meditate or especially if you feel like you don’t have time. I  really encourage and challenge you to try it out.  
You deserve time for yourself and you’re worthy of it. And if you aren’t going to make time for yourself nobody else will do it for you. This is  the year of you.
A quick note if you don’t like to meditate may be you just haven’t found something  that fits quite right yet. Meditating is literally sitting in a quiet state and letting your mind get quiet.
So if that sounds uncomfortable or if you don’t like it. See and notice what resistance you  hold around taking time to slow down and listen from within. See if there’s any part of you that  feels uncomfortable in this silence and stillness ,simply notice.
Because there are so many answers  and messages and downloads that you receive in this quiet and stillness. That’s why meditation is so powerful.

Subconscious reminder

The next  tool that I want to share with you is creating a subconscious reminder. This is extremely easy  and effective. So here’s how it works.
Obviously vision boards have become a really popular law of  attraction and manifesting tools. But do you know  that the reason that they’re effective is, because  they serve as a subconscious reminder.
It’s not about how pretty your vision board is. It’s about  the reminder a subconscious reminder is something  
that you see or hear or feel that gets absorbed  into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind
is the single most powerful  manifesting tools when it comes  to manifesting.
So reminding your subconscious of the things that you want will in turn get you  what you want. And the key is to set subconscious reminders for the thing you want to manifest. You can truly do this in so many different ways.  
Listen manifesting is not a one-size-fits-all  approach. I have been teaching this for years now. And I feel like now it’s starting to catch on  with other people too. The people who are trying  to tell you to just do it one way are now like  oh yeah it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach because it’s not.
Manifesting works differently for each person based on how they learn and experience the world around them. Everybody feels the world  around them in such different ways. So you need to lean in to how you connect.
Inside of wealth program abundance academy we teach you specific manifesting techniques based on your learning  type and personality. Because that is the way that  you get results. Finding your way in finding what  works for you. It’s a process tailored right to you.  
So typically the majority of people find success  through using visual subconscious reminders like  vision boards. Which is why they’re so popular. But how often do you look at them really.
A lot of people make a vision board and they use  it for a few days or weeks. Then they either lose it or it ends up in a closet and you forget  to look at it. And it’s really not effective at all if you’re not looking at it if it’s not reminding  you it’s not effective.
So instead, let me share with you something that actually works. Someone’s mowing their lawn. One of my favorite methods to set a visual subconscious reminder is setting , your phone home screen or lock screen with either an affirmation or a vision board or a picture of something that you want to manifest.
Again  do what works best for you. If affirmations are  your way in go for it if seeing the physical  object or experience is your thing use that.  There’s no right or wrong.
But to  set subconscious reminders you’re not limited  to just visual reminders. Subconscious reminders  can be done through hearing certain things or feeling certain things. You can listen to recorded  affirmations or record yourself speaking on your phone and play it back nightly. Get creative with  it. See what works for you.
You can even just sit in the feeling of what you want during meditation. There are so many ways to do this but be sure to set subconscious reminders so important. What you  continue to remind your subconscious mind of gets fed to your reticular activating system, the small  little part in the back of your brain.
Whatever your reticular activating system starts to receive,  it’s going to give you evidence of do. You see how  
important it is. So start to program your mind with evidence of what you want.

Concepts of auto suggestion and Law of assumption

I will leave  you with one last tool that will make this year really be a true game changer for you. And this  
is my favorite one. So I saved the best for last this manifesting tools, uses the concepts of auto suggestion and assuming.
It has become increasingly  popular throughout the years ,because it works. 
This is the law of assumption. Think of this law like believing it even before you see it. But believing it fully it’s the key you have to fully  believe it.
This is really a concept that I’ve been using for almost 10 years now.
Honestly I’ve been  using it before I even realized it had a name. But the law of assumption is even more powerful  than the law of attraction, because once you master this law it has no choice but to happen.
So the  law of assumption means that whatever you assume is true is true. Call it cognitive bias or  self-fulfilling prophecy. But whatever you believe to be true is true for you.
Whatever you  believe to be true shapes your whole reality and whether you realize it or not you have so many  assumptions about your life, your job, your partner,  your friends, your family and even yourself. 
And all of these assumptions are forming your reality likely without you even realizing it. But  if you can assume fully in something it can really shift everything.
If you assume that you don’t have  enough money or enough time. Then it’s true. You’re going to continue to see that. But if you assume  that, you have plenty of time and you always have more money than you could ever possibly spend. 
Then you can shift into that new assumption and in turn you’ll experience it in your reality. This  year I invite you to assume something different about the aspects of your life that you don’t like  right now. Change your mind about them.
This isn’t something where you just do it for a day  or an hour or even a week. You have to assume what you want and commit to it ,through your thoughts  and beliefs and actions. It will honestly be very telling if you aren’t committed to it, because  you will feel the disconnect.
Maybe trying out assumptions like I have more than enough money. But then all you do is stress about money or worry about it. That’s conflicting. Do you see what  I’m saying?
You’re not believing it and assuming it fully. You wouldn’t worry about something that  you already know is yours, right!
So know it and believe it despite what your life looks like right  now. And by now you know I don’t like to just tell you about something.
I also wanted to give you some  law of assumption tools that you can try out too.  I‘m trying to make this article as helpful as  possible to give you a jump start on this new year. So I have a law of assumption meditation that  you can try out.
Use this manifesting tools to get anything you wish in this new year. Share this manifesting tools basket to your friends whos can rush more knowledge from this.

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