manifestation technique

Manifestation technique Manifests in a week

manifestation technique

Do you have something that you feel like you want or need to manifest right now. Like right this second or do you need something specific to change or show up for you really quickly.   Well then you are in the right place. Because what I’m about to share with you the manifestation technique in this article will  completely change the way that you manifest. And this desire or experience that you want can show   up within seven days or less.

But the key is that you have to make sure to follow these steps exactly.   If you want to see these quick results. So stay with me.

For this exercise you’ll need a   paper and a pen or pencil. And before you ask yes you actually have to write this out. I’ve   shared this before in other articles. But the act of physically writing something out sends some really  powerful signals to your brain. So be sure to write it out don’t take any shortcuts really commit to doing this right.

Manifestation technique to manifest anything you want

Step-1: Write your desire

So once you have your paper and pen let’s get into the first step and feel free to pause and do this with me. So the first thing you’re going to do is write out your desire in present tense three times. But write it as if it’s already here it’s here. It worked ,it’s happened. Write this out in present tense.

For example

  • If you were trying to manifest a thousand dollars you would write something like  : I have a thousand dollars in my bank account.
  • If you were manifesting a new house you would write something like: I live in my absolute dream home.

Three times write it in present tense feeling as if it’s here right now. And the key is writing this desire or experience in present tense the way you connect with it most. You have to connect to it. Make it feel the most real for you when you’re writing this the goal is to create a feeling and connection deep within you. Because in reality trying to manifest without connecting any feelings will truly get you nowhere.  I see this time and time and time again.

The best way to think of it is when it comes to manifesting   your thoughts put out energy. But your feelings draw in the experience. So you need to be able to combine these two things in order to have what you desire. your thoughts put out the energy, your feelings draw in the experience.

Use these words that I gave you as sort of a framework or template.  But ultimately you are going to have to find the words that you connect with most. But do this in   present tense that’s like the one rule in this part. So you’ll write this three times in present   tense. And after you write it you’re going to close your eyes and sit in the feeling of it for about 30 seconds to a minute. You don’t have to get too technical on time this is just a rough guideline.

Points to remember during this manifestation technique

When I say sit in the feeling of it don’t get caught in the trap of trying to control or overthink the outcome. When you’re trying to come from the how and trying to do all of those things.  You’re trying to control the outcome and that part’s not up to you. How it comes to you is   not your concern that part is not up to you. Sitting in the feeling means simply enjoying   the experience of having it now even before you see physical evidence of it. This part should feel   good it should feel relaxed.

So you’re going to do this exercise three times. Yes the magic number is three. So you’re going to write in present tense this desire that you want as being here now. Followed by 30 to 60 seconds of sitting in the feeling. You’ll repeat it two more times.   . It’s a cycle of three.

The reason three is important because the number three is a divine number that i use a   lot when it comes to manifesting. It’s extremely powerful and effective even in my meditations.   We often repeat affirmations three times because three is a divine number symbolizing  past present and future. There are so many other symbols and meanings to it as well.

Important things to remember in this manifestation technique

It’s also important to note that most things in life come in series of threes. You’ll notice that if you start to observe. So once you’ve completed this series of three, three sets of writing and three sets of sitting in the feeling.

Step-2 : Felling up the energy

Here is the next step where you need to listen extremely closely. Because at this point you’ve already done the quote-unquote work, around setting the intention and combining the thought and feeling. Remember thinking puts out the energy and feeling pulls the energy in. In this step you have to make the shift into being and embodying the version of you that has it now. I know   you’ve probably heard people say to act as if. But what I’m telling you to do goes way beyond that . 

This isn’t just a fake thing (manifestation technique) that you’re trying to convince yourself. This is a commitment to stepping into a new energy of deciding .Deciding to start feeling thinking and acting as if that thing we’re here now so deeply. So that your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference . The difference between whether it’s actually here or whether or not it’s actually happened yet.

Now start taking small actions. These little steps start to build this bridge between your physical reality. The reality that you want and there is so much power in this shift so really pay attention   to this step.


So just to quickly recap what to do in this manifestation technique ,how this exercise works.

It’s three rounds of writing in present tense. Followed by sitting in the feeling followed by shifting into a way of   being until your desire shows up. This part requires your full participation and commitment.  So commit to it you have nothing to lose. Even when it doesn’t feel like it’s working, even when it feels like things aren’t changing. When you fully commit what you desire has no choice but to show up for you. Commit to it.

If you want to kind of dive deeper into the concept of collapsing   time and speeding up manifesting. I actually have an entire month’s worth of manifesting content centered around this topic up inside of create right now. if you join as an all access member.  So if you want to go ahead and try that out. TRY NOW.

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