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Manifest Money | The energy of money

It really is that easy ,so why do we struggle to manifest money !

manifest money

Hello everyone , the number one thing that every single person on this entire planet wants to manifest is money. Let’s be honest money is important. Money sustains us money gives us freedom money allows us to support our family. Money allows us to travel to eat there are a lot of reasons why money is important. Because money is so important that is why so many people want to manifest money more of it . This post will help you to manifest money and all about tapping into the energy of money.

I promise you will be able to manifest money whenever you want or need. But trust me you won’t want to anymore because once you learn how to tap into the energy of money, money just flows to you easily and effortlessly. Say it with me “money flows to me easily and effortlessly” leave me a comment below.

If you once you figure out how to tap into this energy it truly will flow easily and effortlessly. So everybody has a relationship to money. They have beliefs about money, they have feelings about money. you have a relationship to money whether you realize it or not .A lot of these relationships are just complicated.

Most of the time this relationship that you have is actually blocking you from being able to manifest money .

What blocks you to manifest money ?

I work with a lot of people that want to manifest money, but most of the time I find that

  • people are coming out of desperation or fear or struggle or lack there either afraid to check their bank account,
  • worried about rent,
  • about paying their bills ,
  • about where their next check is gonna come from their living paycheck to paycheck.
  • they don’t come from money they don’t understand how many works they don’t respect money,
  • they sometimes have money and then they just spend it and there back to square one.

if you’re doing any of those things your relationship with money is struggling a little bit. It doesn’t have to be that way. More you focus on not having enough or feeling like you need it you are just pushing it away from you. Because in the law of attraction like attracts like.

How to attract Money?

If you have feelings of already having something. Then you can get more of it . But if you’re having any feelings of worry or fear or lack so let’s get that cleared up for really quickly just because your relationship with money is not great right now.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t quickly shift it and tap into the energy of money. Let’s jump in to what the energy of money is and how to tap into it. The best way I can describe the energy of money is ease and flow. It’s not forcing or fear most people are coming from the place of forcing or fear. Because they’re demanding the universe that they need money . They’re forcing it or they’re afraid that they can’t pay the rent and their bills.

I find a lot of people are coming from that place without even realizing it. When ever you’re putting out to the universe that you want something and you’re putting a deadline on it. And you’re feeling any bit of anxious or like looking out for it or being to. I don’t know being too amped on it that is forcing and fear . when you can put a deadline out to the universe that you desire money by a certain time.

You just feel happy and excited that it’s gonna come. And in this nice flowy easy state you are a million more lifetimes likely to be able to attract money. Money is ease and flow the easier you. Let it be and the more you let it flow to you the easier that you can bring money into your life.

Your relationship with money is deeply rooted into your belief system. your beliefs are just thoughts you continue to think over and over again but you’ve been thinking about money and experiencing money since you were a child whether it was through your parents whether it was through your grandparents whether it was through your siblings with it whether it’s through your experiences .

you’ve always had thoughts about money and program me about money. It’s created these deep rooted beliefs about money but the best news is that you can change those beliefs. You can choose a new path into the energy of money and let it be easier.

Quick example to manifest money

When I say that the energy of money is ease and flow. So I have this pretty amazing money meditation that I’m gonna talk about called the money accelerator. Right now it’s up in my create members only platform membership(you can join this money meditation) . This money accelerator has been giving people insane results the money accelerator meditation. I guide you into a meditative state and then we go into this vortex of money.

When you’re in this vortex of money. You realize that you are surrounded by your own personal vortex of money . That you can tap into whenever you need. So if you think of it that way if you think about your daily life. That you have a relationship with money. So what if your relationship with money is that money is literally surrounding you. And your personal vortex at all times.

You could tap into it whenever you needed it. You wouldn’t be worried about money you wouldn’t be fearful about money you wouldn’t be forcing money because you wouldn’t have to, it would already be apart of your money vortex .

Powerful technique to manifest money

The money vortex is a really really powerful symbol because the vortex is the swirling energy force. When you visualize money just constantly being around you and being a part of you. You can kind of tap into that ease and flow. So when you decide that you’re going to tap into this ease and flow. All you need to do is release your resistance around all of the thoughts. And feelings and opinions and beliefs you have around money right now.

Just decide right now that it’s going to be easy and flow and effortless. It’s a choice you can choose how you want to see money . Choosing ease and flow is so much nicer than forcing and being fearful. So examine where you’re at when it comes to your relationship with money.

Do you find yourself forcing and being afraid or can you tap into that ease and flow. The next time you have any thoughts that come up about money. Any feelings that come up about money any deadlines. That you need money buy any bills that you get that you didn’t Specht anytime. you have any kind of money thoughts or beliefs come up just to examine them and think is this force and fear or is this ease and flow.

If it’s force and fear how can you get to ease and flow and if it’s ease and flow great keep going that is where you want to be you want to be in a place that money is just a part of you, it’s just apart of your daily life, it supports you ,it provides from you gives you everything ,you need make that your relationship with money .

we have a good relationship with money and you’ll have more of it anytime you’re coming from force or fear you are preventing it from coming into your life, which is not what you want to do and once you tap into that ease and flow of money .you can relax take a sigh of relief feel a little bit lighter and brighter and happier and provided for and it puts you in such a better state than being in fear and anxious ,I’m trying to force money to come to you.

So choose ease and flow. I promise you, it feels better and it works. If you want to manifest money in 24 hours you can check out this post.

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