manifest money

Manifest Money in 24 hours

When you try this technique be prepared to receive money within the next 24 hour!

manifest money

I am so excited to share this money manifestation technique with you, because it works 100% of the time yes 100% of the time. This works as long as you follow the exact steps that I’m about to tell you. You will have money within the next 24hours(manifest money).

So let’s get into it and in order for you to completely understand how to follow these steps perfectly. And exactly the way I tell you. You have to understand a little bit of knowledge before so let’s go through this quickly. What are you claiming to the universe about money .

What are you telling people about money and what self talk do you have surrounding money this is so important. Because unless you set the foundation here you won’t be able to do this technique to manifest money within 24 hours.

What block you from manifest money ?

So for example most of the messages I get are I can’t afford this. This is too expensive. I need money to pay this this or this I’m desperate. I need money help me help me help me. So notice those phrases you’re using . Because that is what you’re claiming to the universe.

If you can’t afford something or if you need need money. You’re desperate for money ,then that is what the universe is going to continue to mirror back to you.

Before start manifesting money in 24 hours , remember this

You have to change your self-talk and how you talk to others about your finances. You need to stop saying I need I can’t afford or anything like that. That said and you kind of lacked the universe. Because even if you follow this technique I’m about to tell you, if you say any of those things.

If you claim that you can’t afford something or think that in your head after you try this technique that I’m about to show you. You’re literally going to block money from coming to you. And then you’re gonna claim that this technique doesn’t work.

So like I was saying The law of attraction is like attracts like ,desperation attracts desperation. I want you to immediately shift your mindset right now from right now. We are going to focus on this technique and it is going to work . Because I’m telling you it will 100% work if you believe.

I get any comments saying that this intro is too long or to get to the technique. you can’t just go straight to the technique. Because if you miss this whole part it won’t work for you. So what I’m doing is building up the information you need to know in order for this technique to work. You have to know this knowledge building up to it.

Simple steps to Manifest Money

Step- 1 : Visualize Money

Take a moment close your eyes and visualize something for me while your eyes are closed. I want you to imagine the sky opening up and money raining down upon you. There are no rules and how you picture this picture. However it comes up to you. Money is just falling out of the sky and you are getting completely buried in it. It just keeps flowing and flowing and you just allow it to keep building and building. While your eyes are still closed and you’re still visualizing this money just piling up all around you falling from the sky.

Step-2 : Affirmation

Repeat this either in your mind or out loud universe work your magic

  • I am open and ready to receive immediate financial abundance universe work your magic
  • I am open and ready to receive immediate financial abundance

Say it one more time you can just repeat in your mind or out loud right after me.

Still visualizing this money falling all around you. Universe work your magic. While you’re repeating this I don’t want you to feel any sort of desperation. The feeling I want you to feel is relief relief that money is on its way to you. And you don’t have to figure out how it’s coming. You’re releasing that to the universe.

Let’s say it one more time universe work your magic. (I am open and ready to receive immediate financial abundance).

Points remember to avoid manifest money blockers

Okay now open your eyes. How do you feel ,be honest with yourself. Because for this technique to work you have to fully feel that sort of relief and detachment. You can’t be searching for money. You can’t be amped up and like where is it. Because then it’s not going to work you’re blocking it from you. If you’re searching for it you’re focused on the lack of it. What I want you to feel right now is relief . You have to fully surrender.

You’ve done the work. It’s done. You shifted your mindset. You’ve shifted your focus from lack, switched your feeling about the thought of money. You’ve visited know of what you intend to create. And with the powerful affirmation that I just gave you, you’ve opened up completely to be able to receive financial abundance immediately.

This technique gets proven results so you don’t need to control anything. You don’t need to do anything. From this point out your focus is on doing less, searching less, obsessing less about money. Like I said make it just as important to you as water. Important and necessary to stay alive but you’re not constantly thinking about it .

Your job for the next 24 hours

Your job for the next 24 hours is to not care don’t obsess about how the money is gonna come to you. The amount it’s not up to you and it’s not your job to figure it out. Anytime you feel your focus shifting to how it’s gonna come to you. When it’s gonna come to you and oh my god it’s been 23 hours and I haven’t seen money yet. Immediately stop yourself detach from the outcome.

If you need to repeat the affirmation again to yourself universe work your magic I am open and ready to receive immediate financial abundance. You have to let go and surrender. I know it’s not the fun part of manifesting but you have to you have to. Let it go surrender right now .

Better yet remind yourself right now type in the box below I’m ready, I surrender. So you are going to receive money in the next 24 hours or less . As long as you stay detached and open to receive you will receive that money or manifest money.


I know it’s hard not to obsess over money when it’s such a big part of your daily life. But anytime you feel your thoughts shifting back to needing or wanting. Or if something outside your circumstances comes up a bill whatever anything like. That got a stay detached and open and ready to receive.

If you need to repeat the affirmation and shift back to being detached and not caring so much. Let the universe work its magic and get ready to receive some money.

I want to give you a free money mindset MEDITATION . It’ll really help you get clear on what your money blocks are and kind of how to overcome that negative money mindset. so it’ll just basically help you up level your money mindset. So that once you’ve completed this technique and you’ve received your money or manifest money. You can continue on your money manifesting journey.

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