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How to manifest someone | Don’t do This

And you definitely don’t want that to happen… right?!! I mean that’s crazy!!! Hi everyone and welcome back.  Here we discuss  all about law of attraction, manifesting and meditations and more. Today we will discuss about  what you should not do when trying to manifest a someone or your ex.

I find that the two most popular things that people are trying to manifest when using the law of attraction are relationships and money. The reason why things like money and relationships are so popular is because we have such a strong emotional attachment to them.

Having or not having money affects the way we feel it affects the way we operate. It affects the way we live. Having a certain relationship or not having a certain relationship or breaking up with someone that all affects us on such a strong emotional level.

If you have question Can you manifest a person if you’ve never talked to them before? The answer is yes , Only things you have to is believe in yourself.

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Guided meditation to manifest someone or to manifest a specific person


So because these are such emotionally charged topics there tends to be a little bit more resistance. I want to start off this article with a technique to get you into the energy of consciously creating what you want. So be sure to grab a paper and pen and we can get started.

Now that you have your pen and paper let’s jump into it first. I want you to just close your eyes quiet your mind and just kind of allow your mind and thoughts to simply slow down. Now I want you to focus on the essence of the relationship that you wish to attract into your life.

How does it make you feel what does it look like. What do you do on Friday nights what feels fulfilling about this relationship. Does this person support your dreams, does this person build you up.

What is the essence of this specific person that makes you want them in your life, what do they provide for you what feelings do they provide for you. Just sit in that for a moment. When you’re ready open your eyes.

Now I want you to write down what that person provides for you. What feelings came up when you thought about that specific person or that that you’re thinking about. What came up for you, what do they provide for you what feelings in essence. And how do they enrich your life and make it better.

What you have on paper right in front of you is exactly what you intend to create. When we manifest things what you really want to focus on is the essence of what that would bring to you. What feeling would it bring to you if you manifested that specific.

Than you want it is never about the thing it’s always about the feeling that thing would provide for you. When you’re joining to manifest  money, you’re not just trying to manifest pieces of paper that’s constantly being printed by your bank.

So it’s not we are trying to manifest, you are trying to manifest the freedom to spend as you want to provide for your kids, to provide for yourself ,to buy food ,buy  vacations. You’re you’re trying to create a feeling with the money.

When you’re focused on a relationship you want to focus on the essence of what that relationship would provide to you, what you think that person will provide to you. Now you have that on paper and you felt it. So now you’re on the path to becoming an energetic match to bring that relationship into your life. (try this free guided meditation)

Now what I’m about to tell you might actually be a little bit unpopular. Because I’m sure you came here for a reason to manifest someone or to manifest specific person or your ex. And I know you’re there’s probably a million law of attraction videos you could look up right now.  Where people telling you exactly step by step how you can manifest your acts or how to manifest someone or manifest specific person.

How to manifest someone or to manifest a specific person

manifest someone

What I’m about to tell you goes against that so listen closely:  don’t try to manifest someone or that specific person. Don’t ever ever ever ever ever  do it. So why am I saying that because there is a huge concept that you need to understand and this will change your life and make it so much better so you’re just gonna have to go with me.

This one here is the concept you need to understand : you don’t know what you don’t know . What do I mean by that obviously you don’t know what you don’t know. I sounds like kind of like an oxymoron. But that’s not where we’re going with this.

What I mean by that is you don’t know if that specific person is right for you. You don’t know if that specific person is meant for your highest potential , you don’t know if that specific person is going to enrich your life.

How everybody has their own journey

So first off let’s talk about how everybody has their own journey I get asked all the time if you can manifest things for somebody else but I don’t like to think of it that way. Because every single person is on their own journey.

You can’t manifest something for someone else unless they want it to. You can’t try and take control of somebody else’s journey. Focus on your journey focus on the essence of what you want in a relationship and stop focusing on that specific person or your ex.

Because they’re on their own journey and maybe your journeys line up but maybe they don’t. You don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t know if there’s someone way better out there for you. And I know that’s kind of a hard thing to wrap your head around when you’re so emotionally attached to that specific person or to that ex.

I get it because I’m a very stubborn person. One of my favorite mantras is:  I can have whatever I want . And I do truly believe that you can have whatever you want.  But when it comes to other people and affecting other people’s journeys, I think it’s best to focus on the essence of what you want.

If that person’s meant to be in your life the universal make it happen. The universe is always working behind the scenes doing things that we can’t necessarily see and we don’t know what’s going on. But there has to be some level of trust and focusing on the energy that you wish to attract into your life and letting the universe do its thing.

The right person will come at the right time into your life and it might be even better than what you thought, you wanted. I tell everybody, I tell all of my clients , always ask for this or better.

So if you are so emotionally attached and so emotionally charged to this specific person. Then find why don’t you ask for that person or better. Because what you’re doing is you’re focusing on the essence of what you want, what the person provides for you.

Whatever you wrote down in that exercise is what you want to call into your life . So instead of trying to control it which impact the locks things are coming to you, instead of trying to make that happen or make that person once you.

Next step on manifesting Someone

Let go of the reins and surrender. Surrendering is such a huge part of the law of attraction. Without surrendering you can’t be open to receiving. If you’re holding on so tight and grasping on to something how do you expect to let anything come into your life.

You have to let the energy flow and you have to be free .And you have to be open to receiving what’s meant to be in your life. But as long as you’re putting out the energetic frequency of the feeling. And the essence of what that thing would provide to you. You will always attract what you want or better.

So my point of this article is to let go. Let go right now. Stop obsessing ,stop thinking about , stop trying to force that specific person or that ex into your life. Because that might have an opposite effect that might lead you down a path you weren’t meant to  go that might alter.

The course of both of your lives and you might not end up happy and what we want out of life is to reach our highest potential and accomplished all of our goals and dreams. So you want someone who is going to build you up and be on that path with you to create the lives you want.

On our journey people come in and out of our lives and I believe that each relationship each person that you meet every day , everybody plays a role in your life. Everybody came into your life for a reason for a purpose there was a lesson .

Last thoughts on how to manifest someone

So even if you’ve had negative relationships in the past or even if you haven’t had much luck in dating. And even if you haven’t had the best examples of what a partner could be it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen for you.

It just means that you need to tap into the essence of what you want and release control and allow it to come to you. I said there is the aspect of timing that goes into a whole no there realm. But for now you just need to surrender and focus on the essence of what you want and stop focusing on that specific person or that ex.

I mean you wouldn’t want this person to come into your life . If they weren’t meant to be there I mean that’s crazy right. You wouldn’t want that to happen so focus on the feelings that you want. In the fact that it’s on its way to you and just be present moment to moment.  And just be happy in the moment now.

The more gratitude you can express the more things to be grateful for will come into your life. So you don’t know what you don’t know let go of that person. Don’t try and manifest someone or manifest a  specific person, don’t do it.

So it’s time to surrender. Right now! choose to surrender and remind yourself :  I attract this or better .If you agree with me leave me a comment below I attract this or better. Because it’s true when you open yourself up for better, the universe can exceed your wildest dreams.

Trust me I am proof of it it’s happened to me a million times, so you just have to let go and trust a little bit. I really hope you enjoy this article.

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