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How to make a Vision Board

 what a vision board ?

Vision board is  essentially a board of visuals and sometimes text, that inspire you, that represent what you want in your ideal life. And I’ve been making vision boards almost every year for the past five or six years, I would say. I’ve made both digital and physical vision boards, but I feel like the physical vision boards have more of an effect on you.

vision board

The point of having a vision board is you want to look at it as much as possible, preferably every single day because you want to ingrain those images into your mind so that you subconsciously attract those things into your reality, through the law of attraction. You can read more about law of attraction, manifesting-type .

How to make a Vision Board?

So without further ado, let’s get into it. To make this DIY, you’ll need:

  • Cutting pliers
  • clothespins
  • nails or hooks to hang up your board
  • a wire grid panel
Step 1 : Buy a Wall Grid

wall gride

Urban outfitters sells a wire wall grid for about 100 dollars, but for this DIY we’re going with this panel you can find at Home Depot for about $10. It comes in a pretty large size, so you can cut it to a size of your liking.

Step 2 : Find your Inspiration

The next step is to find your inspiration. I took to Pinterest and literally browsed for over two hours at night to find images that I really liked and wanted to bring into my reality . The next day, I went into Photoshop and resized all the images to a square format, so it would look cleaner on the vision board.

Then I printed them out and started cutting away. The images I chose either represented a place I wanted to travel to, a goal I wanted to achieve, or a feeling I wanted to bring into my life.

In general, I want to eat healthier and eat more colorful whole foods, do more yoga and be able to do a tripod headstand, travel more, spend more time with family, be rooted in my unique light, and live a beautiful and joyful life.

Step 3 : Arrange them on grid

Taking the pliers, I’m trimming off the excess of the grid, making sure the size is right and nothing is poking out. Be careful on this step as the ends of the grid could be pretty sharp! Then I’m just cutting off the paper packaging. This was pretty tedious. I felt like I was snipping like those dim sum ladies that snip your buns. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? They just snip-snip-snip.

I related to those ladies at this moment. The wire was pretty dirty so I took this wash cloth with some soap and water to wipe off the black dirt in the corners. And now it’s all clean!

Now it’s time to arrange your images on the board. There are no rules here. Just lay them out in whatever way speaks to you.

Once you’ve decided, you can start to clip the images on the board. I kind of liked this diagonal clip idea going on, so I just stayed with that theme. And that’s it! A pretty simple DIY that looks really cute on your wall.

For now, I’m resting it on my desk untilI decide where to hang up. I’m actually moving soon so I’m going to wait until we get everything settled in to be able to finish this.

So that’s it for my vision board for now. I do feel like I’ll add more to it as I go. It does feel a little empty. I mean, it’s cute but I think it needs a little something more to make it complete. So I’ll just keep adding to it when I have time.


Let me know if you guys are going to try this DIY or if you’re going to make any vision boards of your own. I’d love to see and share your vision boards. 

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